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2017 Note to Team Managers:
Tournament Day is very busy. These Tours are provided by Region XIV to make this day
easier for you and your team. Please allow for last-minute changes as needed to run our Tournament.
a) Arrive at Miami University,
b) Perform your Main Challenge at the scheduled Stage Time
(Click Here to View the 2017 Tourn Schedule),
c) Perform your Instant Challenge at the scheduled IC Time in McGuffey Hall
NOTE: (IC Time may precede Stage Time)
d) Attend the Awards Ceremony at MILLETT HALL.
Click a logo to tour a 2017 TOURNAMENT SITE (in PDF format):
Chal A Tour
Show & Tech
Chal B Tour
Top Secret
Chal C Tour
Chal D Tour
Chal E Tour
In It Together
RS Tour
Rising Stars
PO Tour
PO - Ready, Willing & Fable
IC Tour
Instant Challenge
Award Tour
Award Ceremony
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